Own Your Day with a CEO Dashboard Using Notion

I was someone who had multiple notebooks for multiple things, one for notes, one for quick notes, one for phone calls, one for client calls, one for courses, etc, etc. While my inner child was having fun playing with pens and rulers and color-coding notes, my adult brain was not keeping up with the madness. So I figured there had to be another way to get my brain organized, this is when I found Notion.

Notion is a program that can be customized to do virtually anything you want. For all intents and purposes, this course will walk you through the creation of your own CEO Dashboard so you can have a command center for your business in one place.

Inside the workshop, you will receive:

  • CEO Dashboard template. So you can easily duplicate and start plugging in your numbers.
  • Master task list template.
  • Sales tracker template.
  • Profit first template.
  • Project template.
  • End of month tracker.
  • Goal setting template.
  • Notion Basics walkthrough.
  • Dashboard overview.

This is for you if you

👉 Are a business owner
👉 Feel overwhelmed with all the numbers you need to track every day
👉 Want to have a centralized location to track your business growth
👉 Are open to learning Notion and/or familiar with Notion
👉 Are excited to take your business to the next level by creating a new level of freedom so you're not spending your days buried in data.

If you answered yes, to three or more of the above, this is the workshop for you.

What gets measured gets done

"An effective organization knows that if they don’t have enough information about a process, product, or service, they can’t control that part. There are large numbers of values measured during the work of some organizations. Lord Kelvin, British physician, jet 1891, spoke: When you can measure something that you are talking about, you know something about it." - Serbian Journal of Management Study on importance of KPIs

Are you ready to get organized with your own CEO Dashboard?

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Yesss! I want to own my day! [$44-397]

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